GBWhatsapp APK Download (Anti-Ban) Updated Version


Needless to mention that WhatsApp is the primary messaging application used by the world. Now check Gbwhatsapp It has more than 200 active users and this number will continue to grow in the upcoming future as well. The idea of group calling, uploading status and chatting with friends limitlessly makes WhatsApp Highly popular. Somehow , there are a couple of restrictions because of which it is not possible to customise the application. The GBWhatsApp apk is the latest application made available for people who want a better solution than WhatsApp.

GBWhatsapp APK

The amazing app allows the users to alter its appearance and enjoy several features that are otherwise absent in the original WhatsApp. The senior most modded application is indeed the reliable one.

GBWhatsapp APK

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GBWhatsapp Download Information

Filename: GBWhatsapp
File type: APK
Version: v16.80 (JUNE 2021)
Download File Size: 51.2MB
Space Required to Install: 85.5MB
Supported devices: All Android Versions from 5.5 and above
Root required: No
License: Free
Supported Languages: More than 36 International Languages like, English (US)

GBWhatsapp Download


Step by step guide to use GB WhatsApp-

  • Launch the settings of a device and enable unknown sources so that you can install the application from our page instead of finding it unnecessarily on the Google Play Store
  • Let the download process take place and you will be expected to provide your phone number and OTP
  • Once you have completed the installation of GBwhatsapp, customise everything depending on your preferences.

What is the purpose of developing GBWhatsApp APK?

  • WhatsApp always been a popular choice amongst users because of having the most user friendly platform and easy going features. Somehow, it lacks a couple of features that are much needed by the users.
  • Users can use the modify version for GBWhatsApp and do things they have always wanted.
  • The modded application takes complete care about the user privacy and does not leave any stone unturned when it comes to protecting users.

What is the importance of GB whatsapp?

GBwhatsapp is the primary Mod off the original WhatsApp and it has a lot of extra features and customization options. People who always want to use WhatsApp with some extra features would always prefer catching on to GBwhatsapp.

Details about GB whatsapp APK features-

  • Customization

GBwhatsapp APK delivers you with customization options that are not available in the original application. you can easily change the look of the entire application by choosing something from the hundreds of things available. You can select options according to your choice and go ahead. There are app fonts and chat bubbles that are very pleasing to look at. You can easily renew the colour of the icon appearing differently.

  • Sending limitless multimedia made possible

Media sharing feature in WhatsApp is an excellent way to communicate your day-to-day activities with your loved ones. But the limitations imposed by the original application takes away all the fun. Worry not, GBwhatsapp is all set to give you limitless media sharing capabilities. You can send more than 30 images with no size limit. Also, sharing videos makes it easy in the third party application.

You can share up to 90 images having a file size of hundred MB at a single do. Believe it or not, GBwhatsapp is one of the most flexible applications that is specifically made to look after the users’ needs. It is many times better than the original WhatsApp app.

  • Other modded Features

Even if the sender deletes the sent message, it is possible to read it in case of GB whatsapp. There are special settings that help you to enable the option. You can easily enable that and read the text messages that have been deleted.

  • Sending images in original form

Were you aware that the original WhatsApp compresses the file sizes and then sends them to the recipient. This results in compromised quality of the multimedia sent. In the case of GBwhatsapp APK, nothing such is going to happen. You can completely share whatever you feel like without any quality compromise. There are options to protect your essential data with the passcode. You can just activate it and send everything to the corresponding groups.

  • Create multiple accounts

Very few people know that it is possible to use two different WhatsApp numbers on a mobile phone. GB whatsapp APK allows you to keep the original application as well as the modded one without any problems at all. You can select from the languages like Chinese, Spanish and English who understand what all it has.

You can also share images of large size and enjoy forwarding videos and images in their original format. Moreover there are no charges of sending any images because the modded version is free from charges. You can mark yourself online all the time even if you are not there at all.

Short summary of GBwhatsapp APK features –

You will be surprised to know how a standalone chatting application can have so much in it. However, once you download the application it will help you to discover everything in detail. we have included a small gist of what does the modded WhatsApp gives-

  • Allows sharing different stickers
  • 100% privacy protection
  • Message scheduler
  • log Available
  • auto launcher icons
  • Hiding recorded status
  • Audio sharing
  • Limitless multimedia sharing
  • Backup features

GBWhatsApp APK more details

Are you still not convinced to download the APK GB whatsapp on your device? We have listed more features that will definitely compel you to choose the modded version instead of the original one-

  • ¬†Protection against Malware

Who doesn’t like to remain safe during online conversations and surfing. GB whatsapp takes complete note that you are not exposed to any dangers while using it. There is no Malware or viruses present in any of the versions at all.

  • Access free themes

Young children, especially teenagers, are fond of changing the background appearance of the mobile phones quite often. The original application is very monotonous and does not allow the users to do any changes at all. Luckily, modded applications have several Features that make it easy to change the original look of the application easily.

  • Sharing made easy

You can easily share videos , songs and a lot of other multimedia without any hindrances. The original WhatsApp does not allow you to share more than 10 images to 5 contacts at a time. Somehow, the modded version puts no such restrictions and keeps the users easy going.

  • Customizing at its best

GBwhatsapp APK allows you to customize everything the way you want. For example , you can create your own themes and set them as the background of the chatting application. You can even post long statuses and copy the ones that have been uploaded by your friends.

  • Fixing bugs

The original WhatsApp does not let you get exposed to any sort of unnecessary bugs and errors.

  • No banning

If you feel scared of being banned in the modded APK, just get rid of your dilemma. The latest APK comes with an anti banning policy that makes sure you keep away from penzeys. You will not get banned even if you have multiple applications on your device.

  • No hindered privacy

Believe us, with GBwhatsapp APK nobody is going to invade your privacy policy no matter what. The terms are very complacent and just like the regular WhatsApp your chats are safe in the modded application as well. You can put restrictions on somebody calling you and also avoid unnecessary messages by using the privacy settings. here are a couple of highlights that the privacy feature delivers –

  • Hide read recipients
  • Options to show you online for 24 hours even if the application is not being used.
  • Separate notification of someone changes their profile picture
  • You can easily hide the ticks that shows you have read the message delivered.
  • Hide the last seen

What are the steps to download GBwhatsapp APK?

You can Easily download the application on your smartphone without paying anything . The only thing that is very important is to find a relevant third party link. We have got the link right on this page for you and there is no need to search it further.

  • Press the download link from our page and you will be taken to the page where the application is available for installation.
  • Make sure you enable the settings in the unknown sources
  • Let the installation take place.
  • Allow the application being installed
  • Provide your phone number and receive the OTP for further verification
  • Provide the 6 digit OTP very carefully and that will configure WhatsApp modded version for you.

Download anti Ban GB whatsapp 2021

You can never go wrong with the latest Whatsapp Mod that avails the most popular features in today’s time. The amazing application is just perfect and caters the usual needs of chatting, voice messaging and video calls.

The modded application allows you to share media files, live location , contacts and files. GB whatsapp APK is one of the best options you can have for your device. It does not need to be downloaded from the Google Play Store and has the original plus some more features that fascinate users to quite an extent.

You can also download the previous versions of GB whatsapp APK the latest is not being supported on your device. The most exciting features always remain the same.

Is it a good decision to download GB whatsapp?

Nobody can deny the fact that GB whatsapp APK is one of the best platforms for chatting. There are no competitors that have been able to supersede the features it has. In terms of functionality and workability, WhatsApp is the best. The modded application is meant to improve things further. Majority of the functions remain the same and the user can stay completely comfortable just like they did in the case of the original application.

Earlier, there were reports of the original application banning the users in case they downloaded the third party version. Somehow, the latest application has been created in a way that it remains safe and nobody is able to ban it.


What are the basics of GB whatsapp?

The improved version of the original application GB whatsapp is a great Mod with some unbeatable features. It is not the official version of the application and the users must be aware of the fact that it is a pirated WhatsApp.

Is it safe to download GB whatsapp?

It is completely safe to download GB whatsapp as long as you know that the available link does not have any virus and malware. The link provided on our page is safer than any other resource you will find on the internet.

Are there any issues using GB whatsapp APK?

There is quite a possibility for your account to get blocked If in case you get tracked by the original application developers. The growing popularity of the modern version has resulted in more and more people downloading it. You will be able to enjoy features and experience better chatting every time.

What is the process of installing GB whatsapp?

You can easily locate the downloaded application in the download section of your device and automatically begin with the installation process. You need to have an Android device in order to result in successful download and installation.

What is the process of updating the application?

It is completely safe to update the application as you will be able to enjoy extra features and bug removal automatically. You also need to make sure that you specifically use our link to install the available updates.

Final words

GBwhatsapp APK is amazing and includes features that are not available in the original application. Somehow, there is a complete possibility that your data is exposed to some thought of privacy and risk. It is the majority of the time advised not to download the modded applications because they always come with some of the Other amount of uncertainty.

The application available on our website is specifically checked for viruses and banning procedures. You can always visit our page to download applications that are modded and better.

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