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WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp plus is a must have application for every smartphone. It allows you to conquer all the chatting platforms and get in touch with your loved ones through video and voice calling. Somehow , here on this page we are going to discuss a third party application that can be downloaded with a couple of tricks and tips. The whatsapp plus mode is better. Lets know how-

What is WhatsApp Plus APK?

WhatsApp Plus is one of the most benevolent WhatsApp mods that supersedes the restrictions of the original application . The primary focus is to customise the dull and boring WhatsApp application and help people to use something that has more potential and convenience. WhatsApp Plus is also an excellent chatting application that allows the users to use multiple accounts simultaneously. You can easily hide your status and blue ticks. Sharing status with your friends and companions is also not a difficult task. The high quality image downloading feature and Ultra modern specifications make Plus WhatsApp  all the more favourite of the Mod lovers.

whatsapp plus

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File information of Whatsapp Plus APK

Filename: Whatsapp Plus
File type: APK
Version: v17.2 (JUNE 2021)
Download File Size: 44.6MB
Space Required to Install: 75.5MB
Supported devices: All Android Versions from 5.0 and above
Root required: No
License: Free

WhatsApp Plus APK Download

The online websites have a lot of modded versions of WhatsApp so that you can enjoy the extended features without any restrictions at all. The WhatsApp plus, WhatsApp plus Reborn , WhatsApp plus mix are amongst few options that the users can always enjoy.


The mod variations make it completely possible to hide status and download the status that has been uploaded by someone else. WhatsApp APK allows you to participate in groups and initiate group video calls. In other words, a you can talk with many people simultaneously without the slightest hindrance.

Slight glimpse of WhatsApp Plus APK features-

There is no doubt about the fact that whatspp APK can improve your chatting experience manifold. It is much better than the original application because of being customised and altered according to the user requirements. Here is what you can find in the latest Whatsapp + Mod released 2021-

  • Quick share Features
  • Instant downloading and sending photo
  • Customising wallpaper and interface according to your IDeas
  • Multiple topic installation
  • Hiding profile picture

The reason why you should prefer WhatsApp plus over the original app

The ones were completely bored out of using the monotonous green coloured WhatsApp, just switch on to the extremely flexible WhatsApp Plus and you will definitely feel better. There is no such Mod that works better than this. There are certain days when you do not want any communication from your end. Also, you might want to stay unavailable and yet receive all the notifications. WhatsApp  lets you do all that by allowing the security changes to be made. You can switch off double tick and bluetick options so that people have no idea that you have gone through their text messages already. It is a very useful feature for ghosting others.

Writing status made impeccable

The quintessential WhatsApp Plus features are unending and unbounded. One of the features that we are going to discuss right here is about writing status. the application portrays multiple dots and that means you are writing for the other user. WhatsApp Plus allows you to put an end to those dancing dots that can be a source of embarrassment when you do not know what to reply. You can easily take your time and send manipulated texts after writing and rubbing them  a multitude of times.

Fun recording status

Sometimes we like the thought process of others and maybe it is the same thing that we want to upload on our wall.  recording the status that someone else has uploaded and posting the same on the wall is made easy.

Caring and sharing

WhatsApp Plus mod comes with an amazing sharing feature that lets you forward short and long videos in a blink of an eye. There is no such limit of file size. The users can always share any number of images and videos while maintaining the original quality of everything .

 Laudable sticker packs

Majority of the people do not like texting on WhatsApp because of unavailability of sticker packs . WhatsApp Plus has plenty of them to be forwarded while you chat. Stickers help the users to communicate better. They express those emotions that the written chat application cannot. You can additionally install full packs of stickers that the makers have availed on their official page.

Unbounded security features

WhatsApp Plus APK delivers security and data encryption features. You will never find any third party interference taking place at all. WhatsApp plus has better security features than the original application and this is the reason why people do not think twice Before downloading it.

  • Benevolent fonts and styles

WhatsApp mod comes with some appreciable types of fonts and styles to suit your name. You would definitely love to try them everyday to change the look of your app.

  • Logs and history

If you want to keep a complete track of all the activities you do, there is a separate section in the WhatsApp Mod for that. You can record the past activities and refer to them repeatedly to know what you have been doing all this while.

  • Overall style

People always want to get rid of monotony. WhatsApp plus allows you to change overall style so that you love the application all the more.

Forget about using the old plain WhatsApp and choose the ones that actually fascinate you. Show the quickness and a select differentiated font styles that look cute and Express you better.

Auto reply to keep contacts well-managed

Nobody likes to be ignored, especially in your work life. Set auto reply status for the ones who text you so that they know that their requirement will be catered soon. The latest Whatsapp plus 2021 version delivers you the opportunity to quickly reply to the available texts. At any point of time when you cannot deal with certain contacts , the auto reply feature would save you from creating a negative image.

Themes to personalize your WhatsApp interface

Another uncommon feature of WhatsApp Plus is the availability of themes. You can easily select the theme of your choice and develop them according to your choice.

Customizations like No other

None of the chatting applications can have such a vigorous collection of wallpapers and themes. WhatsApp  can help you to personalize headers on the main screen to suit your requirements. There are a plenty of chatting elements that make it easy to customise everything

Cleaner to feature smartphone clutter free

There is no device in the world that comes with unlimited storage space. You always need to clear with the old chats and multimedia so that the new ones can take place in your cell phone device. The all new WhatsApp automatically Delete messages that you do not want. Everything functions much better when there is space and storage capacity.  Your device is definitely going to work efficiently once it has the WhatsApp Plus application to fulfill the basic storage management needs.

Customisable wallpaper for a better look

In the absence of customisation, WhatsApp mod is incomplete. WhatsApp  allows the complete customisation of wallpapers by choosing them from the available page. You will always get the right kind of wallpapers that benefit your mood and requirements.

Should you be using WhatsApp Plus?

Do you have a doubt in my mind regarding the use of WhatsApp plus mod? We would suggest you check out the reviews on the application so that you can make up your mind for the installation.


How to Install Whatsapp plus mod in my gadget?

You can click on the available in this page and there will be a download section through which the apk file can be installed. It is very easy to download WhatsApp  on any device.

Is it safe to download the third party Mod apps?

Yes it is completely safe if you do not select random sources for installation. WhatsApp Plus is originally available on our page and you do not have to fear at all. It is completely safe against Malware attack and works very well.

There is more to it- WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial version of the original application that has its own servers and working method. The developers have come up with a couple of changes to make the application work better than the original. You can now enjoy sending longer multimedia content without any restrictions at all. The overall interface of the WhatsApp  mode is more interesting and made to entertain the users better. You can even switch off the WhatsApp application to avoid receiving messages for a certain time period. The DND mode in WhatsApp plus is exclusive to it and you will not find it in any other third party app.

Benefits of downloading WhatsApp Plus

  • WhatsApp plus comes with several desirable features and this is the mode that has more interesting features. To put it in simple words, WhatsApp plus allows you to Auto reply to the received messages. The amazing feature is very enticing for the working individuals who do not have time to respond for each text received.
  • WhatsApp plus allows you to download themes and customise everything according to your taste. The users can change colour and header. They can also Alter The popup notifications and everything they want very easily.
  • WhatsApp Plus comes with more than 2000 different themes and a lot of customisable features. You can change the background colour and use the chat bubble feature as well.
  • The size of status can also be altered. The overall appearance of WhatsApp is also changeable. You can organise things according to your preferences and give it a new look everyday.

Message encryption feature

The message encryption feature is no exception to WhatsApp plus. You would be able to send secure messages to the receivers without allowing anybody to read them in the middle.

Download WhatsApp plus Mod 2021

If there is any chatting application that is more spectacular than WhatsApp, it is only and only WhatsApp plus. The instant messaging application has catered to millions of users. It keeps the users completely satisfied and is better than plenty of chatting applications that have similar working. WhatsApp is the favourite Mod of the users. It has an unending set of features that make it super attractive and serviceable.

People always distrusted WhatsApp  because of the banning and illegal aspects. Somehow, we would like to inform you that the latest Whatsapp plus 2021 is ban- proof and keeps you safe. The developers have kept special needs of the users in mind and have made sure that no unwanted activities take place after downloading the app.

The smartphone users having Android 5.1 version and above can install all new WhatsApp  that introduces several exemplary specifications.

WhatsApp installation step by step guide-

  • Choose available link on this page and you will be taken to the download section of WhatsApp
  • Install the application in your device and make sure that you take a backup of all what is there in your previous chat data.
  • Wait for the process to complete
  • Provide your mobile number and begin chatting with your loved ones after the verification is done

Keep deleting the unwanted messages by using the filter option in the new WhatsApp . Your messages are not transferred to anywhere else because of the third party encryption process. WhatsApp  is the best option for organising everything better and in a safer manner.

Final words

Hopefully you are convinced to download the best WhatsApp mod. You will definitely enjoy the exemplary features and specifications it has, especially the parts that remove the restrictions of the original application.

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